With the development of technology

Release Time: 2023-06-08

  With the development of technology,wireless charging of mobile phones has gradually entered the public's field of vision.How to charge is also a concern of everyone.Let's talk about it today.

  01.The principle of mobile phone wireless charging

  Wireless charging of mobile phones relies on magnetic fields.The magnetic field of mobile phones interacts with the magnetic field of wireless chargers to form another magnetic field,which can provide power to mobile phones.


  02.Wireless mobile phone charging steps

  First,your mobile phone supports wireless charging,then connect the wireless charger to the power supply,and finally place the mobile phone on the charging pad,so that the charging can be completed.

  Under normal circumstances,when charging is in progress normally,the notification light on the phone screen will light up.

  Conclusion:Wireless charging of mobile phones is not difficult.As long as the mobile phone supports wireless charging and the wireless charging board is not damaged,it can be charged normally.

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