How to use wireless power bank?

Release Time: 2023-06-06

How to use wireless power bank?How to use the wireless power bank, turn on the powered wireless power bank, put the mobile phone with the wireless charging function on it, and then it can be charged. Use wireless power bank

1. Proper charging, avoid charging the wireless power bank when the power is insufficient, and avoid excessive exhaustion of the battery of the wireless power bank

2. Do not play while charging wirelessly. When the smartphone is being charged by a wireless power bank, it should remain independent and do not answer calls while charging wirelessly. Otherwise, both devices may be damaged and it is dangerous

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3. Avoid dropping. If the wireless power bank falls, it may cause internal or physical damage. Therefore, the charging location of the wireless charging treasure should be kept in a sufficient place.

4. The operating temperature should not be overheated, and there is a hidden danger of overheating when charging in a sealed bag

5. The wireless power bank should be equipped with an intelligent protection device

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